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 Summit Players Theatre


"Amelia Strahan’s costuming conjures. the basic iconography of an ancient political drama to the stage without over-encumbering the actors with a lot of unnecessary details."


Shepherd Express / Summit Players’ Brisk Burst of ‘Macbeth’


God's Spies

Next Act Theatre


"Amelia Strahan’s costume design feels like it’s taking some liberties with 16th century dress while being firmly rooted in the era in a way that decorates [the scenic design] wonderfully."


Shepherd Express / Next Act Puts Shakespeare in Lockdown

Much Ado About Nothing

Summit Players Theatre


"Amelia Strahan’s minimalist costuming serves so many clever’s simple and lightweight, allowing it to take up little space on’s comfy enough to be worn in the heat of summer AND it’s iconic enough to quickly and easily differentiate between characters who must swiftly switch between characters."


The Small Stage / Much Ado in a Park

The Last White Man

Next Act Theatre

" costumes by Amelia Strahan."

Theatre Criticism / World Premiere Puts a Different Spin on Hamlet

Romeo and Juliet


Summit Players Theatre

"...efficient costumes, which straddle the 16th and 21st centuries..."

Wisconsin Theatre Spotlight / Summit Players Presents a High Octane 'Romeo and Juliet'

The Winter's Tale

Summit Player's Theatre

"The Amelia Strahan-designed costumes for the touring production are light and memorable."

Shepherd Express / The Winter's Tale in Summer

On the Verge

Marquette University Theatre

"The Yeti was probably the single cleverest bit of costume design by Amelia Strahan in a show with an impressively diverse wardrobe"

Shepherd Express / Marquette 'On the Verge' a Witty, Time-Traveling Fantasy

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